team check in


Congratulations on your team’s acceptance into the CERRITOS MEMORIAL CHALLENGE CUP!

Please take a moment to read through this page carefully and contact the tournament director if you have any questions.

The Tournament Committee advises you to immediately do the following:

1. Once the Schedules are posted, you can input your Team Roster in your Team Account.
The Roster Freeze is when you submit your Team Roster to the Tournament Official Saturday before your first scheduled game.

2. SATURDAY TEAM REGISTRATION CHECK-IN – Check in minimum 30 minutes before your first scheduled game at the fields. Check in tents will be located at tournament headquarters and/or the venue where your first game is being played. Failure to check in will result in automatic disqualification (without reimbursement) from the tournament.

Team Certification and Registration:

At registration, teams must submit the following documentation depending on the affiliation status of the team. All players on the team must play with the proper affiliation documentation. We accept USYS, US Club and AYSO credentials.

Failure to submit the required documents will result in the team or individual players being disqualified from participation.

Teams Registration:

1. Player Cards: Valid, laminated player cards with a photograph for the 2020/2021 season for each player.

2. Guest Players: We allow unlimited guest players.

3. Medical Release Forms : The medical release form needed for the Cerritos Memorial Challenge Cup is just the standard Cal South Player Registration Form. Forms must be signed by a parent or guardian. For non CalSouth teams, we accept your standard medical release form.

4. Team Roster:  You will need to download and print the Team Roster in your Team Account. You will need to turn in the Team Roster at the Team Check-in minimum 30 minutes before your first game at the field. Once finalized at Registration, players not listed on the Team Roster will not be allowed to play. Only players with complete appropriate documentation will be allowed to appear on the Team Roster.

5. Game Cards:  You will need to download and print a Game Card for each game in your Team Account. The Players need to check-in with the Field Marshal and the Game Card needs to be turned into the Field Marshal 30 minutes before each game. You will be responsible to make sure the score is correct and must sign the Game Card after each game. The Game Card stays with the Field Marshal.


Schedules released in advance of the tournament are subject to change. Keep checking your schedule leading up to the event. Pay particular attention to field assignment for each day. Field assignments may change during the tournament.


Every effort has been made to display ALL NECESSARY information, rules, and news on the CERRITOS MEMORIAL CHALLENGE CUP website. If you are unable to locate the appropriate information on the website and need to contact the Tournament Director, please call and leave a message or email indicating:

  • Your Name and the Team you are representing
  • Your Question
  • Your Contact Phone Number

Also available on the website are:

  • Tournament Rules (at the Rules tab on the website)

On behalf of the CERRITOS MEMORIAL CHALLENGE CUP Tournament Committee, we wish you all the best in your participation in this years event!

At your service,

Alex Camargo & Walter Camargo
Tournament Directors