team check in


Congratulations on your team’s acceptance to the Cerritos Memorial Challenge Cup held May 28, 29 & 30, 2022.

We are proud to announce that once again we are officially the largest Memorial Day weekend tournament on the West Coast! Please take a moment to read through this carefully.

SCHEDULES: Schedules will be posted 10 to 14 days before the tournament start date.

COACHING CONFLICTS: For coaches who have two teams, the tournament will guarantee to avoid coaching scheduling conflicts for all group play games. The Tournament will not guarantee coaching conflict requests for coaches who coach more than two teams in our tournament, but will do our best to accommodate. Please email our Tournament Director at to request “No Coaching Conflicts”. Make sure you add your Coach’s name, team names, team genders & team birth years when making your request via email. All requests must be received no later than May 5th. 

INPUTTING TEAM ROSTER: Once the schedules are posted, the TGS system will allow you to start adding and removing players to your roster.

ROSTER FREEZE: The roster freeze is Saturday, May 28th before your first scheduled game. Once you turn in your Game Card to the Field Marshal prior to your first scheduled game, your Roster is Frozen. You will not be able to add any players to your Team Roster for the remainder of the tournament. 


  • 2014 & 2013 Divisions: 14 player max roster
  • 2012 & 2011 Divisions: 16 player max roster
  • 2010 thru 2003/04 Divisions: 22 player max roster
    Please Note: Only 18 players can be listed on the Game Card and eligible to play in a game.

HOME & AWAY MATCH PREPARATIONS (Choosing Sides & Colored Jersey)

Both teams will be on one side of the field and Spectators on the opposite side of the field designated by the tournament. The home team is the first team listed on the schedule. The home team has choice of field half, must provide the game ball, and must change jerseys in the event of a referee determined color conflict with the opposing team. Spectators must mirror their team on opposite side of the field.

GUEST PLAYERS: Unlimited guest players.

ATHLETIC TRAINERS: The tournament will provide certified Athletic Trainers at the Silverlakes Soccer Complex and OC Great Park. They will be located at various Red Tent First Aid Stations throughout both complexes. Players will need to provide their own pre-wrap and athletic tape for ankle and/or wrist wraps before games.


  • Saturday & Sunday:
    Silverlakes Soccer Complex- All Boys Divisions
    - OC Great Park- All Girls Divisions
  • Monday:
    Silverlakes Soccer Complex- Boys & Girls Divisions (Semi-Finals & Championship Games)


1. PLAYER CARDS: Valid, laminated player cards with a photograph for the 2021/22 season for each player. We also accept AYSO, Recreational and Signature credentials. If no birth year is on the Player ID Card, then a copy of a birth certificate or passport is required.

2. GAME CARDS:  You will need to download and print a Game Card for every scheduled game located in your TGS Team Account. The Game Card needs to be turned in at the Field Marshal Tent 30 minutes before each game. You will be responsible to make sure the score is correct and must sign the Game Card after each game. The Game Card stays with the Field Marshal. If you are having difficulties with your TGS Account, you can click on the Game Card link on this Page to print and handwrite everything in.

3. OFFICIAL TEAM ROSTER: The Game Card for your first scheduled game will also be your Official Team Roster. Make sure you list all of the players on that Game Card who will be participating throughout the three-day-weekend. Once you turn in your Game Card to the Field Marshal prior to your first scheduled game, your Roster is Frozen. You will not be able to add any players to your Team Roster for the remainder of the tournament. 

Note: Do not worry if your opponent hasn't inputted their players on the Game Card. Each team will be responsible to turn in their own completed Game Card to the Field Marshal before every game.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

At your service,

Tournament Committee

Cerritos Memorial Challenge Cup